Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

While accustomed to hearing about menopause in women, most men don’t realize that they undergo a similar transition called Andropause. Most men enter into this phase around the mid to late forties or fifties, and it occurs when important hormones such as testosterone begin to decline. Andropause, often referred to as “male menopause,” is a decline in testosterone production that begins in the early thirties. In a man’s early thirties, hormones begin to decline at a rate of around ten percent each decade. By the time men reach the forties or fifties, hormones can take a steep drop to create a number of uncomfortable symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of andropause or male hormone decline may include:

  • Irritability & Fatigue
  • Exercise Intolerance
  • Memory loss
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Reduced productivity
  • Low Libido
  • Difficulty Maintaining Erections
  • Weight Gain
  • Reduced Muscle Mass
  • Increased Abdominal Fat

All natural, bioidentical hormones, which are derived from plant sources and are identical to those produced in the body, can help men to overcome the symptoms of imbalances. Optimizing hormone levels will produce results backed by science, for maximum lifestyle benefits.  The goal for every patient is to achieve peak hormone levels for a balanced, healthy, and rewarding lifestyle. The optimal hormonal treatment is to return the body’s hormones to more youthful levels that are balanced.

With a Bioidentical Hormone Optimization program, the vast majority of men will notice markedly improved strength, endurance, and muscle mass. They will demonstrate improvement in workouts, cardiovascular conditioning, physical activity, and stamina.  Bioidentical Hormone Optimization positively effects sex drive and sexual performance with improved erection quality in most men.

Customized Treatment Plans

Lisa Ohman Erhard, M.D. & Dr. Mark Erhard will develop a customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program for the individual. Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery orders compounded, customized prescriptions from a pharmacy that specializes in hormone replacement therapies. This allows for a customized dosage strength made just for the individual alone. It will be based on symptoms, test results, and lifestyle.

Patients may have heard about the poor results or undesirable application methods of other hormone replacement therapies, which is all true, and that’s why Lisa Ohman Erhard, M.D. & Dr. Mark Erhard’s Hormone Optimization therapy only uses pellets. Data supports that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants is the most effective and the most bio-identical method to deliver hormones in both men and women. Pellets are made up of either estradiol or testosterone. The pellets are pressed into very small, solid cylinders just a little larger than a grain of rice. They’re placed under the skin and consistently release small doses of hormones providing optimal therapy. Pellets deliver consistent, healthy levels of hormones for 3-5 months in women and 4-6 months in men.

Best of all, this method of treatment helps avoid the fluctuations, or ups and downs, of hormone levels seen with every other method of delivery. Rest assured, throughout the entire treatment each person will receive the very best in care and monitoring from Dr. Erhard and his team of medical professionals. Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa will measure hormone levels including testosterone with a simple blood test. A consultation with our physician will confirm if you are a candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Male Bioidentical Hormone Optimization?

Male Hormone Optimization is offered exclusively at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa.  Hormone Optimization returns the body’s hormones to more youthful and balanced.

Does it work?

Yes! It is proven, medical science. Using sophisticated lab tests and treatment protocols we will design a plan for you, and you alone, to produce life-altering results.

How much hormone will I take?

Lisa Ohman Erhard, M.D. & Dr. Mark Erhard will prescribe whatever amount it takes to get your hormone levels to a point that you are achieving optimal results.

Will my Hormone Optimization supervised by a physician?

Yes!  Medical doctors will work directly with you to evaluate, administer and monitor your progress.

Is it safe?

Yes. We use only bio-identical hormones in our therapy. These hormones are identical to what your body produces naturally.

When should I think about replacing hormones?

The best time to start replacing hormones is between age 35 and 40. However it is never too late.

Will hormone therapy help sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction can have many causes; however replacing hormones is a great place to start your treatment.

I have seen tremendous results in my patients.  No other form of Male Hormone Optimization can even begin to be as easy and effective as the treatments we offer at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa.”, says Dr. Erhard.

Call Minneapolis Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Lisa Ohman Erhard, M.D. to discuss testosterone replacement therapy and to schedule your consultation.